The Kite Project

por | Abr 25, 2017 | Design and Technology, Secondary

One of our values in Yago School, private bilingual school in Seville, es the educational innovation. As part of that, we always want our students to participate in project during the classes. These project are both in group or alone, but always looking for them to be responsible with their work. One example is the Kite project.

The Kite Project in Yago School, Bilingual Private School

The Kite Project in Yago School

S1 students have worked on the Kite Project along the second term in Design & Technology. They had to design their own kite first. During this initial and crucial stage they had to choose materials to be used that were light enough in order to fly, but at the same resistant. The shape and size of the kites were also very important facts to be considered and they came up with many different good ideas.

They spent several weeks building the kites in the workshop in which they learnt how to use several tools. When they finished building the kites they were able to go outside and fly them.

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