Self organised learning environment sessions in Natural Science

por | Oct 9, 2017 | Primary, Science

The students of Primary 6 Natural Science took part in their first self organised learning environment sessions of the year. Tasked with deepening their knowledge of evolution and Living Things they tackled big questions like “Why are the Australian animals so weird looking?” “Why are humans able to drink cows milk?” “Why are there no mammals larger than a blue whale?

While it’s true that some students spent a bit too much time finding funny pictures of animals, little by little they are learning to ask the right questions, differentiate useful from not so useful information, filter genuine, helpful sources from the myriad available and of course cooperate and share their discoveries.

For their second bout the big question was “What exactly makes a living thing a living thing?”

Armed with the internet and a voracious curiosity they could move fluidly between groups, share useful resources and guide each other on a learning journey yielding yet more questions! It wasn’t all plain sailing but it was worthwhile.

Afterwards the students will evaluate their difficulties with groups, sharing ideas and organizing. These sessions culminate in whole class reflection and presentations of the answers.



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