Aprendizaje vivencial: Restaurant theatres

por | May 3, 2017 | English, Infant


In I5 English, we spent the month of March learning all about food, including a restaurant theatre

We brainstormed a list of foods that we already knew how to say in English and we learned how to say many more. We reviewed concepts like «healthy» and «unhealthy» that we studied in Science in the first term. We learned the difference between «fruit» and «food» and role played going to the supermarket.

restaurant theatre in yago school  restaurant theatre in yago school

To put all of our new knowledge to use, we designed our very own restaurant theater. In this problem based learning activity, our kids had to find solutions with just a little bit of guidance from us. They had to pick a name for our restaurant, decide which props we needed by pulling from their personal experiences of eating out, design the restaurant’s menu, make decorations, and write their scripts. The children took their roles very seriously and even rehearsed their lines at home with their parents for homework. Our chefs, wait staff, hosts/hostesses, and clients were super prepared when it was show time! This in-class experience will help our children communicate and understand the English they will hear when they eat at real life restaurants.

restaurant theatre in yago school

restaurant theatre in yago school

We hope you enjoy your virtual visit to Gustav Restaurant, Dubai Restaurant, and Beach Restaurant.

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