Drama & Public Speaking Class

Drama class

It’s that time of the year when the students of P5 and P6 begin their preparation for the candidature of the Captains and Vice-Captain.

During Drama class, together with their teachers, students prepare their presentation using a Keynote format and have to present it in front of their peer and a representative of each House (Larch Hill, Stradbrook and Sussex) will be chosen from each class.

P5 candidates are chosen to be Vice-Captain and P6 students are chosen to be Captain.

All presentations have to be in English and the lucky winners are chosen to represent their House in the final selection during the special assembly on the 19th October in front of our esteemed Headmaster, Mr Resa and the Housemasters.

Good luck, future captains and Vice-Captains! Your House needs you!


Ha llegado el momento en el que los alumnos de P5 y P6 comienzan a preparar su candidatura para ser Capitanes y Vice-capitanes.

En la clase de Drama & Public Speaking junto a sus profesores, los estudiantes preparan su presentación en Keynote, que presentarán en frente de sus compañeros. Un representante de cada casa (Stradbrook, Sussex y Larch Hill) será elegido en cada clase.

Los candidatos a Vice-capitán serán elegidos entre los representantes de P5 y los candidatos a Capitán en P6.

Las presentaciones serán en Inglés y se realizarán en la Assembly especial del día 19 de octubre, donde, en presencia delHeadmaster, Mr Resa y los Housemasters se elegirá a los representantes de cada casa.

Buena suerte futuros capitanes y vicecapitanes. Vuestra casa os necesita.