Primary Buddies at Yago School

En el colegio privado internacional bilingüe Yago School tenemos un sistema de Buddies por el que alumnos de distintos cursos se ayudan mutuamente en diferentes actividades.

Os mostramos un ejemplo de cómo los alumnos de P4 ayudan a los de P1 con el spelling de los números jugando al Bingo y con la lectura en inglés.

At Yago School we have a buddy system that is a program in which two people, the «buddies», operate together as a single unit so that they are able to monitor and help each other.



P1 students have been practicing spelling their numbers in English.

This week, instead of Reading an English book with their Reading Buddies, some of the P1 students came to visit the P4 students and played Bingo.

The first objective was to prepare their own Bingo. They had to make their own Bingo card, think of six numbers between 1 and 30 and then write those numbers on the card.


The P4 students were there to help them and check that they were spelling the numbers correctly.

Once the numbers had been completed on the Bingo card everyone started to play and have fun together.

The most important thing was to play, learn and have fun!



The Reading Buddies are back and enjoying the good weather.

It was a lovely afternoon and some of the P1 students wanted to read their English books to their Reading Buddies of P4. We went outside to enjoy the afternoon sun and read.