Design and Technology Projects: Lamps

por | Ene 15, 2018 | Design and Technology, Secondary

In Yago School, private bilingual school in Seville, educational innovation and new technologies are two of the pillars of the classes. As part of that, our students work in different projects to teach them in a innovational way, at the same time they learn to use new technologies. Here is an example:

Our S1 students have been working hard during this term on a project of making a lamp. They had to investigate and learn by doing it themselves and working out the electric circuits, designing strategies and so on. Also, they created a presentation to introduce their project to their classmates. During the process, they learnt the importance of recycling and most of the materials that they used were recycled. Our students then showed their lamps to their class mates presenting them on a video showing the process of how they made them. After that, they all analysed that process and defined difficulties found, mistakes made and possible improvements.


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