DIARY of some World Travellers: 23rd February

por | Feb 23, 2018 | English

Friday, Day 5, February 23rd: Canada, Australia and New Zealand

We started the day by going for a tour of all the countries we have been working on this month! Beautiful displays were set up in the concert Hall, and the children could visit USA, Canada, Ireland, England, Australia and South Africa.

At lunch, the children ate while listening to some songs by a variety of Canadian artists. I4 and I5 students were invited to the Primary Assembly to watch their dances while I3 enjoyed the playground all to themselves, and had their snacks with a Canadian hat on their head!

It was an amazing experience!

Having found sourcing crocodile steak a little complicated we were unable to eat an Australian lunch this week but that doesn’t mean to say that the Antipodes were not visited. The closet we got to Australian cuisine was thanks to the special effort of a Maria De Castro who made some delicious Anzac biscuits.

Primary 4 and Mr Davis, whose family live in Australia, focused on the other side of the world. On Wednesday there was a special Q&A Skype call to his nieces at 8:30 pm Australian time.  Primary 4 and Secondary 2 who produced a scale model of the Sydney Opera house, investigated the sports culture in these two countries, this resulted in the performance of a highly authentic Haka. Primary students shared their projects, a TV programme and the Haka and didgeridoo rendition with the Infants. We were all left wanting to learn even more about these spectacular countries, we’ll be back!

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