DIARY of some World Travellers: February 19th

por | Feb 19, 2018 | English


Monday, day 1, 19th February 2018: The United States of America

We started off Around the World in English week with a bang!

In our Infant 5A class we took a virtual road trip down Route 66! The kids especially loved learning about Cadillac Ranch, the Shoe Tree, roadside motels, and diners.

In I5B, we created a mixed media Grand Canyon mural. The children loved learning about the different animals and landforms you can find in the canyon.

In I5C, we discussed and reviewed what we have been learning about regarding Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. We watched his famous “I Have a Dream” speech and even gave our own “I Have a Dream” speeches in the class.

During lunch, the whole school enjoyed a tasty plate of macaroni and cheese, while listening to American music!

In Primary rehearsals continued for the Friday line dance. The IT students did projects using different software to do their research about famous American landmarks and built them out of lego. In Secondary students gave up their lunch breaks to keep working on the Statue of Liberty, so with the sounds of Hotel California ringing in our ears we all felt closer to the Big Apple

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