DIARY of some World Travellers: February 20th

por | Feb 20, 2018 | English

Tuesday, Day 2, 20th February: South Africa

In South Africa, on 18th July, people remember and honour Nelson Mandela by carrying out acts of kindness for one another.

We have decided to have our own Acts of Kindness Day here at school in order to think about and to honour Nelson Mandela for our South Africa Day.

S2 students visited all of the classes in school to share their research about South Africa and Nelson Mandela and to help them choose a special act of kindness (something like smile all day, thank your teachers at the end of lessons…).

Today the whole school carried out their acts of kindness and the ambience was fantastic, the feeling of bonhomie quite palpable.

Primary one students have been studying African art, music and the symbolism of the flag. Some of our Infant students went on Safari and here are some pictures to prove it. We warned them about the lions! To add a special authenticity to the day we enjoyed delicious Ribs in Putu sauce which is a special recipe from South Africa, eating to the sounds of the Lion King in Infant and Ladysmith Black Manbazu in Primary and Secondary. We shall dream tonight with the drums still beating in our ears.



To find out more about Nelson Mandela go to this link.


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