Yago School y Elcano

Last Tuesday, September 25th, 2018 the Yago School Management Team received, from the hands of Captain Ignacio Paz, a Spanish flag of the most beautiful and symbolic ship of which he is Commander: The Juan Sebastian ELCANO School Ship.

The emotional event took place on board, on the poop deck and then the whole team enjoyed a visit to the ship, especially to the GGMM Chamber, ending with a cocktail in the COMTE Chamber.

Finally, the entire team traveled to the officers’ chamber in the Rota Naval Base where they shared an evening with Vice Admiral Enrique Torres, Head of the Cádiz Arsenal, his Second and the Elcano Commander.

Everyone knows the relationship of respect, admiration and affection that the International Bilingual School of Sevilla Yago School lends to the Armed Forces in general and the Navy in particular.

So much so that Yago School played a decisive role in the drafting and signing of the current agreement between the Employer of Private Schools of Spain (ACADE) and the Ministry of Defense. As a result, within the subject “Citizenship Education”, we have been teaching “La Defensa and Mis Misiones Internacionales” for many years.

This flag will encourage us to instill in the students of Yago School, the values that the symbols represent, regardless of the political opinions of each individual.

And let us all see daily that they also represent those who gave and are willing to give their lives for our country and for us: the military.

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