The “House Games” are held at Yago School on the first Friday of October. It is a great, fun sports competition where all the students and staff defend the colours of their “Houses” with joyful and healthy competitiveness.

First thing in the morning, each Housemaster met with the students of their teams to explain how the day was going to be organized and rehearse their team chant. Larch Hill met next to the new mast, Stradbrook on the football court and Sussex in the English Playground.

The ceremony began with the raising of the Houses’ three flags. Next, all the students paraded divided by “Houses” and lined up in front of Mr. Resa, who gave them a speech focused on the pride of belonging to their “Houses” and the values  of sportsmanship and camaraderie. After his words, everyone sang the school hymn and the different games began: speed relays, dance choreographies, obstacle relays, rope pulling and water games where everyone participated with their best effort.

The finale of the day was the Chariots of Fire; a relay race, where each participant has to run around the school in 2 rounds:

  • Pupils: a boy and a girl from each course from Infant 5 to Secondary 4 chosen by the P.E. department
  • Teachers: 6 members of each “House”

At 16:00 the “House” winner of the House Games 2018 was announced.

And the winner is … STRADBROOK !!

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