Yago School, an international bilingual school in Seville bases its educational project on Howard Gardner´s Multiple Intelligences. All of us have innate talents or we stand out in a special way in some particular area. These skills allow us to perform better or worse in certain tasks.For this reason, at Yago School, we have included methodologies that allow us to detect student´s strengths from an early age and, on the other hand, allow us to enhance their innate intelligences.

Howard Gardner and his team at Harvard University identified eight different types of intelligences: linguistic-verbal, logical-mathematical, visual spatial, musical, kinesthetic, intrapersonal, interpersonal and naturalist.

With this in mind, last Friday we dedicated the weekly assembly to 7 of the 8 multiple intelligences. Students were divided into groups and participated in a variety of activities, rotating every 5 minutes.

The Linguistic Verbal Intelligence activity required the students to pick three words out of a bag and create an original rhyme. If they had time, they also had to write it.

Yago School

The Mathematical Intelligence activity consisted of deciphering messages using MORSE code.

The Visual Spatial activity consisted of identifying images that appeared in pictures (visual perception).

Yago School

During the Kinesthetic Intelligence activity, the students created an Acrosport figure.

In the Musical Intelligence activity, the students had to guess the song that their partner was singing while they listed to another song on their headphones that distracted them from what their partner was singing.

In the Naturalist Intelligence the students completed observation sheets about stick insects.

The next activity, “Who am I?” was based on the Interpersonal Intelligence. A student put a post it on their forehead with the name of a teacher. The others had to guess the name of the person they had written on their forehead by asking questions like, “What do I look like?”, “How do I dress?” and so on. The others answered their questions and gave them hints.

Finally, the Intrapersonal Intelligence activity required the students to write about how they felt on a large piece of continuous poster board on the wall. They all expressed many emotions.

Yago School

This was without a doubt a very “intelligent” assembly that we will all remember thanks to the fantastic team that led it.

Congratulations to everyone!


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