Flamenco Workshop at Yago School

Yes, we are proud of our roots. That is why Friday, November 16th, at Yago School, we have celebrated Flamenco Day, recognised as a ‘World Intangible Human Heritage’.

Flamenco Workshop ta Yago School

Flamenco is an art with its roots in singing, musical instruments and dance and it emerged from the mixture of cultures that coexisted in Andalusia in the fifteenth century. Today it arouses passions beyond our borders.

In order to celebrate Flamenco Day, our students have learnt about artists such as Camarón de la Isla, Paco de Lucía and Sara Baras, who have helped to make the flamenco artform famous all over the world. Students also enjoyed the visit of the guitarist Javier Pizarro who was accompanied on the ‘box’ by the musician Alejandro Granado. Together they made a flamenco demonstration of guitar and percussion.

We will continue to celebrate, be proud of and protect our culture. OLÉ !!

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