2021-2022 school year’s Students Council election in Yago School

by | Nov 8, 2021 | Yago School

student council de Yago School

As every year, we held the Student Council election in order to find this year’s student body representatives. There will be a Head Boy and a Head Girl from DP2 who, together with the presidents from DP1 will lead the rest of the members of the Council; Representatives and Councillors have also been elected for each class.  

This council gives the student community a place within the school community, getting to know their ideas, interests and concerns while involving them in the school’s activities and events.

This initiative will help them to further develop some skills and competences, such as leadership, creativity, teamwork, decision making, and communication.

Alumnos representantes de Yago School

These are our new student council members for this 2021-22 academic year:

  • Head Boy & Head Girl: Jose Alejandro y Marina 
  • Presidents: Héctor y Adriana

  • Secondary 1: Noa & Mariano 
  • Secondary 2: María & Manuel 
  • Secondary 3: Margarita & Álvaro 
  • Secondary 4: Ana & Nico
  • DP1: Nora & Gonzalo

The 2021-22 House Captains:

  • Sussex: Ana in Secondary 4
  • Larch Hill: Candela in Secondary 3
  • Stradbrook: Diego in Secondary 4

The Student Council is a representative body of the school’s student community that was conceived by and is linked to the subject CAS (Creativity, Action and Service) for students in the Diploma Programme. 

CAS is one of the fundamental principles of the International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma Programme (DP) which aims to ensure that IB students are not only concerned with results, but also with emotional, ethical and intellectual development.

Among its main objectives are: 

  • To be a spokesperson before the school management for the ideas and concerns of the students 
  • To propose and implement ideas, activities and projects that help students, the school and the community 
  • To reinforce the identity and sense of belonging to the school
  • To promote the competences and values of the student profile of Yago School
  • To guarantee two-way communication between students, teachers and management 
  • To devise, promote and organize community service activities with direct participation in the organization and execution of the same
  • To supervise the school climate, compliance with regulations and offer solutions and proposals for improvement
  • To organize the spaces, mobility and communication of activities
  • To know the interests of the students and to guarantee the bidirectional communication student-director and student-teacher

We congratulate all of these students on their positions, their effort, and all that they bring to the school community at large. 

We also congratulate the House Captains and Vice-Captains who will help to organize and support the activities of the House System and Assemblies, as well as supporting and supervising the exemplary behavior of all students at Yago School.

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