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Do you want to get to know our facilities without travelling to Seville? Here you have a 360º virtual tour that will allow you to see every corner of our School without leaving your home. 

Due to our international character, we receive requests from numerous families every year who live abroad or in other parts of Spain; up until now, they have gotten to know the school through pictures, which gave them an idea about the spaces our students use on a daily basis. This year, health barriers imposed by the Covid crisis partnered with the difficulties of geographical distance; this prompted us to once again opt for the latest technology in order to offer a premium service to parents interested in a cutting-edge international school in Seville such as Yago School.  

We decided to record a 360º virtual tour with one of Google’s partners, GURU 360º; in the recording of the tour, we used the technology used by Google Maps en Street View.

The 360º Virtual Tour of Yago School and of our Yago School Nursery allows any user to navigate through the interior and exterior of the school and of our Nursery School through 360º panoramic images. 

We encourage you to explore every room of the School and of Yago School Nursery.

Our Nursery entrance, multidisciplinary corridor, classrooms, bathrooms, baby house, nap rooms, dining room, patios, natural gardens, and play areas… 

Yago School Nursery. Baby House

Tour Virtual Yago School NurseryYago School Nursery JardinesYago School Nursery. Nap Room for BabiesYago School Nursery. Multi-purpose corridor

Yago School Nursery offers a symphony of light and resources within the grasp of our babies and toddlers from four months to two years old; there is none other like it in Seville.

Senior School

Yago School Library

Yago School Sports Pavilion & Nature Classrooms

Yago School. Lego, coding and robotics Lab

Yago School. Recording Studio

Yago School. Rooftop

Yago School. Dining Room

At the Senior School, the reception, infirmary, library, laboratories, sports courts, pavilion, recording studio and piano classrooms, classrooms, dining room, concert hall, nature classrooms, and playgrounds stand out to say the least.

Every corner of the school at the click of a button!

We hope you delight in our facilities as much as we do! 

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