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Sputnik is a great project for identifying and mobilizing the most talented, entrepreneurial and ambitious young people in southern Spain, training them in technologies that will change the world, and encouraging them to create the start-ups of the future.

This is a training program aimed at young people between the ages of 16 and 30, with the aim of training them in the exponential technologies that are going to change the world, encouraging initiative, global vision and a passion for technology, and inspiring and motivating them to become the leaders of the world to come.
Our first year Diploma Programme (IB) students Adriana Vento, Alejandro Sáez, Clara Arias and Inés Carrasco have passed a competitive selection process in which their academic record, language skills, international experience, extracurricular activities and, above all, their initiative, curiosity, desire to learn and high motivation to participate in this program, have been valued, making them worthy of 4 of the 150 Sputnik Scholarships awarded to the most brilliant high school and training students, which are valued at more than 1.000 euros each and covering the total cost of the programme.
“We aim to create a new generation of dynamic young people, with talent and initiative and enthusiastic about learning and entrepreneurship, who will become the leaders who bring Spain into the future”, Sputnik Sevilla’s organization says.

The 4 Yago School students will participate in the Bootcamp that will take place on March 9 and 10 in Isla de la Cartuja. The seminar will focus on transforming the mentality of the participants, promoting ambition, global vision and initiative to undertake in order to catapult the participants into the universe of opportunities of the world to come. To this end, there will be relevant speakers, such as businessmen, sportsmen, adventurers, scientists and great leaders who will show, through example, the way forward to conquer the future. Congratulations and good luck!




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