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El Consejero de Educación, Javier Imbroda en Yago School

Mr. Javier Imbroda, Andalusian Minister of Education and Sport, inaugurates the exceptional “Aulas de Naturaleza” outdoor learning spaces ” of private Sevillian school Yago School. 

consejero de educación en Yago School

After reception in the Board Room where Javier Imbroda, accompanied by the Delegate of Education of Seville, Maria Jose Eslava, signed the School’s book of honor, they went to the School’s new green area where the three nature classrooms are located. When they arrived to the interior walkway, they visited the three Royal Postmen with their camels where Infant 3 children were turning in their Christmas letters. 

A little later, our guests went to the footbridge that gives access to the nature classrooms where the Director thanked the Counselor for his interest in visiting a private school that invests in innovation and educational excellence.  After the the Counselor’s congratulations on the contribution that Yago School makes to education, he highlighted the commendable effort that all schools are making in this pandemic that has revolutionized the teaching-learning process from one day to the next. 

Consejero de Educación en Yago School

After cutting the commemorative band, Mr. Imbroda walked through the buildings designed by the School, made of natural material, treated pine, and eucalyptus wood, castanets from Doñana Park and heather, surrounded by a newly planted grove of Jacarandas and blue pines. The new outdoor learning spaces are environmentally friendly and include three classrooms perfectly equipped with picnic tables and benches, high tables and stools for teachers, whiteboards, and a wifi access point for use with the many mobile devices, such as iPads and McAirs, that students have from 4th of Primary to 2nd of Baccalaureate.

Aulas de Naturaleza Yago Schol

In the Nature Classrooms, three classes were being taught with students from 2nd of Primary, 6th of Primary, and 1st of International Baccalaureate; the Counselor was able to dialogue and see first hand the many advantages of the new facilities in which the School has invested 60,000 euros, such as the motivation of students which improves their attitudes, and willingness and proactivity towards learning. It also offers students extra protection and security against COVID, as recommended by the Ministries of Health and Education.

Javier Imbroda also visited the new Baccalaureate classrooms, equipped with movable partitions that are also blackboards, and the magnificent “Rooftop”, a new outdoor terrace covered with awnings and equipped with an outdoor bleacher, tables, and picnic-type benches especially designed for students in Secondary and Baccalaureate. 

It has been a privilege and an honor to host Mr. imbroda, the highest educational authority in Andalusia, who has recognized and valued the commitment that the School has made over the last 11 years to contribute to the educational excellence of Seville.


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