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This year in order to celebrate the international diversity of our teachers and pupils and to promote the universality of English as a world language not just a language used in lessons and around the school, we launched an Around the World in English week. So faster than Jules Verne although maybe not as thorough we were able to go around the world in 7 days not 80.


All of our native English-speaking teachers took a country close to their hearts most often their own country or one where their families live and planned and implemented some inspiring transversal projects for their classes.


The countries that were chosen were:

  • USA
  • Australia and New Zealand
  • United Kingdom
  • Canada
  • South Africa
  • Ireland

Details of the activities can be found in the Diary of Some World Travellers in our blog:


The projects not only combined English, Geography, Art, Science, Drama, Music and Maths but also incorporated many of the multiple intelligences and Information Technology in order to create a dynamic experiential way to learn more about the world around us in a self-directed way. The multi-sensory experience was complemented in a culinary way as the Dining room served typical dishes from many of the countries for lunch during the week.


Not only this but as classes from all stages met up during the week an even more unifying bond was forged throughout the school during the information exchanges which resulted in more empathy and harmony between the students from the 3 years olds up to the 15 year olds.


At the same time respect and tolerance for other cultures was being promoted as well as an interest in travel and broadening the mind. We also raised money for the one of global causes that the Yago Foundation supports thanks to our first Mufti Day as it is known in the UK or Casual Friday or in the US and Non-uniform day in other countries, which is a special day in a school when the students are allowed to come dressed in their normal clothes and donate money to charity.


We had added a twist because as every class had been assigned a country to investigate and the Friday was full of fun performances, we wanted the students to come in clothes with a reference to the country that they have been working on. It was achieved simply by a hat or choosing a colour symbolic to their specific country.

The culmination of the project on Friday 23rd February consisted of 2 special activities:

World Tours


Infant 3 began with the World Tour of the Concert Hall aided by the P5B passport controllers. Throughout the day every class in the school went around the world admiring others’ contributions to this vibrant showcase of different cultures. The atmosphere was electric with the hustle and bustle of these enquiring minds. By the end of the day our parents were also welcome to visit the world in its macro scale in our Concert Hall.

World Show 

To finish the experience the World Show was held during the Primary Friday assembly in the English Playground. Primary students performed, the A Short Incomplete History of Britain, American Line Dancing, an Irish Jig, Canadian Steps and the The Haka for each other and some of the Infants. What a fantastic end to a splendid week, we had learnt so much and had so much fun. So with a touch of jet lag we were ready to fly home and rest after a wonderful week.


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