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Weekly-Assembly of Mathematics at Yago School

Last Friday we dedicated our weekly Assembly to the wonderful subject of Mathematics.

The pupils of Primary 6, who will be leaving us this year, delighted us with a fabulous performance in which they took us on a journey through the history of Maths, from the year 3,500 BC. to the present. Two schoolchildren travelled with Einstein in their time machine to Africa, India and Greece and little by little, with the help of fun and friendly dialogues, they told us what the Arabs discovered, the origin of Roman numerals, and they breathed life into very important figures such as Archimedes, Thales and Pythagoras, and how important they are for us today.

Assembly of Mathematics

It was a fun way to recreate many of the concepts that are present every day in our classrooms, even though we often do not know where they come from.

In addition we had a contest for houses with Maths questions, in which the other courses, from P1 to P5, participated. In the end, Larch Hill won with the highest number of correct answers.

Before finishing, diplomas were handed out to the best notebooks in each class in this first term.

Congratulations to the winners, and good luck for the next one!

“Success is the result of repeated small efforts day after day”

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