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Yago School Environmental Care

In spring the weather invites you to go out and actively enjoy nature. For this reason, the school proposed Protecting the Environment as the value of the month, with a very complete program of activities that helps children to become aware of the importance of being involved in respecting and caring for nature.

Environmental education is a lifelong process that aims to teach environmental awareness, ecological knowledge, attitudes, values, commitment, and ethical responsibilities for the rational use of resources.

Through numerous activities throughout the month we emphasise the responsibility that we all have to take care of the environment, we inculcate respect for nature in our pupils every day and, of course, we make them aware of the luck that we have to enjoy so many green spaces in the school.

YAGO SCHOOL ENVIRONMENTAL CARE (2)With this in mind, last Friday all the teachers organised a picnic with their children and took advantage of lunch time to carry out an outdoor group tutorial. Later they did a recycling activity that served them all to internalise necessary and responsible habits.

Yago School Environmental CareAt the same time, throughout the year we work on education in nature. This specialises in identifying, observing and classifying species of flora and fauna, addressing the field of observation and efficient use of the natural world. Therefore, in all courses they learn plants in their Natural Science classes with research work, in the laboratory with nurseries of different species, practice in the orchard or work with QR codes in the classification of forest flora from the school.

Yago School Gardening activityIn addition our Primary 2 pupils planted cuttings and seeds a few months ago and have been observing their process of germination and growth in class. Later they were moved in order to favour their growth and continue to increase the green areas in our school. That day the children were stained with mud, they looked at the roots, they cleaned the garden a little bit and, above all, they felt great about their contribution to the environment!

YAGO SCHOOL GARDENING ACTIVITY (5)Surely among our pupils we have future environmentalists, biologists, zoologists, botanists, paleontologists, foresters, agronomists and veterinarians. These and the rest will thank the school for having received such practical and hands-on training.


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