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At Yago School we have an educational ideology grounded in human, civic, ethical values and solidarity. The aim of teaching values is to accompany, encourage and guide students in the development of their moral conscience, aiming towards the progressive growth of personal autonomy and social responsibility. We promote the self-esteem of our students as well as their capacity for reflection, creativity and self-control, which allows them to exercise their freedom responsibly and achieve comprehensive training to help them to develop successfully.

Teach values at yago school

At all educational stages, students work on a set of values, attitudes and behaviors that will serve the students to build their moral framework. These lessons are structured in three levels:

  • The integral development of people (themselves and others).
  • The establishment of constructive human relationships within social groups they belong to.
  • The development of the community and the global environment.

During October we are working on the values of order and obedience. People need a minimum of order, stability, consistency and constancy in their lives, so from the Infant stage we begin working with the children to acquire this good habit of keeping things tidy after use.

How can we get a child to be tidy?

  1. Leading by example.
  2. Persevering and being patient with our children.
  3. Creating daily routines.

Regarding the value of obedience, leading by example is the most appropriate resource to initiate this process of learning and habit.

Teach values at yago school 2

How do we get our children to be obedient?

  1. Combining the request with the reasoning for what is asked.
  2. Exerting authority with serenity, stability, balance and consistency.
  3. The rules must be clear and concrete and we must ensure that the child knows them.
  4. Consistency and contingency (we must control external variables that may affect them).
  5. Praising their obedience and effort, recognizing what they have done well. They will feel appreciated and valued, and gradually develop their identity and strengthen their self-esteem.

Today in the Infant Assembly we have all worked together on these values through a story interpreted by teachers. Through this story children have learnt the importance of order in their immediate environment and to be obedient and be guided by adults and other influences.

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