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AULAS PARA FATHERThe Yago Foundation is working on a new initiative. AULAS PARA FATHER (Classrooms for Father) is a project aimed at raising funds for the construction of two classrooms in the Parish of Father James, Our Lady of the Olive of Seville.

Nuestra Señora de la Oliva is a working-class neighbourhood, badly hit by the economic crisis in which there is a lot of unemployment, drug addiction, and broken families. Father devotes most of his time to solving a wide variety of problems affecting families in the neighborhood.

An issue of vital importance is the childrens’ education. For various reasons, there are a large number of them who need support with their homework, as the situation in their homes makes it impossible for them to work after school or for someone to help them with their homework.

In order to offer these support classes, Father James has to build classrooms on the parish grounds. AULAS PARA FATHER is the project that will obtain the necessary funds to create these classrooms.

Throughout the year we will be organizing different activities to raise money. The first of these will be


The winner will be the bearer of the number that coincides with the last four digits of the draw of the O.N.C.E. next Friday, January 18.

As of today, the ballots will be on sale at a price of 1€. At the Senior School they can be purchased at the Secretary’s Office. And they’ll also be on sale at Yago School Nursery.

To advertise the project we have also developed some bracelets that you can buy for 1€.

We are confident that we can count on your unconditional support!!

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