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Last Thursday, students of private international Yago School in Sevilla had the privilege of listening to an outstanding pianist, Dorantes, live, as he came to rehearse his latest album at the private school with the Seville Betica Symphony Orchestra and Flamenco Choir.

This rehearsal corresponds to his latest work, La Rosa del Viento, to commemorate the feat of the First Round the World Tour of Juan Sebastian Elcano, initiated by Magellan, which will premiere next Monday at the Falla Theater in Cádiz:

There is no international school in Spain that devotes more importance to music , a discipline that develops students’ creativity and artistic expression, improves children’s memory capacity, attention, and concentration, and acts directly on the left hemisphere of the brain, which is responsible for learning language, numbers, and the use of logic. For this reason, at Yago School, students learn music and movement starting in Infant School, and from Primary to Secondary 2 they have one hour per week of musical language and another hour of curricular piano practice. Head of Music, Mr. Montiel, also organizes events and live musical experiences with his team every year, where the students are artistic co-participants, and are able to develop their expressive nature. Thus, many children surprise us by emulating the conductor, the percussionist, and the great pianist. 

Finally, we leave you with a brief synopsis of the author so that you can see for yourself the stature of the artist:   

Dorantes (Lebrija, Seville, 1969) is usually recognized for his first album, Orobroy (1998), where he showed the world his great talent and versatility. Known as “The jewel of the flamenco piano”, he cannot be musically homologated easily. He belongs to the flamenco world by birth and experience, but his creations are absolutely personal; he has nothing to do with the most common fusion experiments. He has endowed the piano with an enriching dimension, a virtuoso instrumentalist who denotes his time at the conservatory. 

Dorantes makes music full of intelligence, of a true flamenco with jazz evocations – quite unique. 

Dorantes has performed his works in many of the most prestigious theaters in the world and has collaborated with many internationally renowned artists; years ago, he played with our Head of Choir, Mr. John Durant, in the south of France.

This year, Dorantes launched his sixth album, La Roda del Viento, a production composed, directed, and arranged entirely by Dorantes for Piano, Chamber Orchestra and Flamenco Chorale. A musical epic that, in a flamenco key, tells us about the feat of Magellan and Elcano from 1519 to 1522 that changed the course of history. The First Tour of the World: a work that is recognized by the Ministry of Culture of Spain and incorporated into the official program of the “V Centenary of the First Tour of the World.

Below is a link to enjoy this internationally launched piece for those of you who have a Spotify account:

Thank you so much, Master; you have the admiration and respect of Yago School, where you have your home to collaborate in the transmission of music and flamenco to our beloved students.



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