School year 2022-2023

Nursery School year 2022-2023

DP2  School year 2022-2023


7th First day of School Year. Infant, Primary 1 & Primary 2

8th First day of School Year. Primary 3 to Primary 6, Secondary & Baccalaureate

9th Welcome Assembly: Magic Hat Ceremony 

16th English Awards Ceremony

7th, 8th, 9th, 16th, 23rd & 30th. 9am – 3pm timetable

12th First day of 9am – 5pm timetable

23rd House Games

30th Debate Exhibition – CAS Clubs start


3rd Extracurricular Activities begin

7th Captains and Vice-captains election ceremony

11th Spain Day Celebration. Flag raising Ceremony

12th Spain Day. Bank Holiday

21st World Energy Saving Day

28th Halloween

31st School Holiday


1st All Saints´Day. Bank Holiday

11th Grandparents´ Day (Infant)

14th – 18th Music Week

18th International Day and World Flamenco Day

20th World Children’s Day (UNICEF)

24th Thanksgiving Day

25th Thanksgiving Day

28th – 5th First term evaluation week Primary, Secondary & DP1


28th – 5th First term evaluation week Primary, Secondary & DP1

6th Constitution Day. Bank Holiday

8th Immaculate Conception Day. Bank Holiday

9th School Holiday

20th Royal Postman Visit

21st Christmas Show at 3pm.

22nd School ends at 1pm. Report cards in Educamos

23rd Christmas Holiday starts


8th Christmas Holiday ends

9th First day back to school

20th Chinese New Year celebration (Sunday 22nd)

30th The School Day of Non-Violence & Peace


1st – 10th Workshop days 

15th International Children´s Cancer Day


24th Andalusia Day Celebration & Carnival (Infant)

27th Teachers Day. School Holiday

28th Andalusia Day. School Holiday


6th – 10th Second term evaluation week Primary, Secondary & DP1


31st Easter Egg Hunt (Infant & Primary). School ends at 3pm

31st Reports in Educamos


1st – 9th Holy Week Holidays

15th First Communions

17th – 21st Book Week

21st Charity Book Fair

25th Seville Fair Celebration (Infant & Primary). School ends at 3pm

26th – 30th Seville Fair (Pending confirmation from the City Council)


1st Worker´s Day. Bank Holiday

5th S3 Confirmations (Confirmation dates to be confirmed)

17th Cruz de Mayo

24th Carretas del Rocío de Triana

25th Primary Graduations

26th DP2 Graduation

31st End of Extracurricular Activities

Cambridge Exams (Dates to be confirmed)

Cambridge Exams YLE (Dates to be confirmed)


1st – 9th Third term evaluation week Primary, Secondary & DP1

2nd, 9th, 16th, 19th, 20th, 21st & 22nd. 9am – 1pm timetable

17th YCT Chinese Exams

23rd 9am – 1pm timetable

French Exams (Dates to be confirmed)

Music ABRSM Exams (Dates to be confirmed)

19th I5 Graduation

20th S4 Graduation

23rd Last day of School. Summer Show. School ends at 1pm

28th Reports in Educamos