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Canal Sur’s “Hoy en Día” has broadcasted some live classes given in our unique “Nature Classrooms”. 


Taking advantage of the recommendation of the Ministries of Health and Education on the Covid-19 pandemic, private international Yago School in Seville took its chances on giving classes outdoors. 

There are many advantages to the new facilities, which required an investment of 60,000 euros: 


1.- Protection and security of students against Covid-19 by giving classes in open air spaces

2.- Environmentally friendly construction using natural materials from Doñana National Park and developing environmental awareness in students

3.- Student motivation that improves attitude, predisposition, and proactivity towards learning

Improvement of social skills, teamwork and problem solving. 

5 .- Enhancement of creativity, autonomy, and self-esteem

6.- Reduction of stress levels, lack of concentration, and irritability

The new spaces include three perfectly equipped classrooms with picnic tables and benches, a high table and stool for the teacher, a blackboard, and a wifi access point for use with iPad and MacAir mobile devices that students have from the 4th year of Primary to the 2nd year of Baccalaureate. 


These classrooms are joined by the magnificent “Rooftop”, our new outdoor terrace covered with awnings and equipped with outdoor seating, tables, and picnic benches especially designed for students in Secondary and Baccalaureate. 

In the coming weeks, we will provide you with more information about the use of these facilities and inform you of the event planned for its official opening.


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