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Paz Romero Directora Admisiones Yago School en Canal Sur

Last week, Channel 2: Canal Sur television emphasized the wonderful adaptation that Yago School has shown in these days of alarm and the sensitivity shown to our families with the application of different discounts. 

From the beginning of this COVID-19 crisis, we have witnessed the transformation of Yago into an absolutely online environment, where we have given priority to care of the emotional closeness to our students, without neglecting our interest in guaranteeing their learning in a different work and pedagogical communication environment; fortunately, the advantages of studying at Yago are hardly affected, including bilingualism, as well as the development of other artistic skills, such as art and music, expression through public speaking or writing workshops, programming and robotics, and necessary physical education.
To this end, we have aligned ourselves with experts in Education, such as “Maecenas Global for Education”, who guide and advise us in the technical and pedagogical development of Yago OnLine, while at the same time giving training courses to an extraordinary team of teachers who are very involved and committed to this process of transformation. At Yago, we have opted for international giant Google and its G Suite platform, which offers us more versatility to work transversally and live at all the stages, from Nursery with children from 0, 1 and 2 years old all the way up to High School.
Our school has a strong character of community, and we feel that we must contribute as much as possible to relieve the economic situation of our families. We have applied different discounts for schooling, depending on the age and autonomy of the children; the percentage of discount increases when the child is less autonomous. Precisely last week, the Channel 2: Canal Surtelevision, revealed the wonderful digital adaptation that Yago School has demonstrated in these days and the sensitivity shown to our families with the elimination of fees for services such as dining room, transport, and extra-curricular activities, as well as the application of different discounts for schooling at all stages; we are grateful for this gesture.
Cooperation is vital these days. We must all row together as we have done up to now, to ensure that no child is left behind, neither for educational development nor for economic reasons.
We are in a scenario of inevitable change and, in the face of this, we have confidence that we have taken the right path and will continue to decide the best ways to offer the highest quality of teaching, without neglecting emotions, something we have done from the beginning. We continue to move forward with an educational model that is here to stay.
Innovation is found in people and processes, and at Yago School we demonstrate, day by day, that our team is responding quickly and with determination, making important decisions quickly related to new scenarios.

Together, we move forward.

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