CAS project brings Teen Talks series to Yago School

by | Aug 6, 2021 | Yago School, Baccalaureate

As part of the Teen Talks informative lecture series, Secondary 3 and 4 students had the opportunity to learn about toxic habits like alcohol, tobacco and drugs. What am I consuming? 

Yago School’s Teen Talks are part of a project promoted by students of the International Baccalaureate Diploma Program who, under the umbrella of the CAS (Creativity, Action, Service) subject, have organized a series of talks on interesting topics aimed at their peers in Secondary and Baccalaureate. 

Adolescence is a crucial period in the physical and emotional development of the person, and we are sensitive to the prevention of risky behavior in these stages at Yago School. The promoters of this activity, Alonso and Lucía, from the 1st year of Baccalaureate, detected the increase in alcohol and tobacco consumption on weekends among teenagers and wanted to provide real information about its effects, encourage a critical spirit, and develop alternative attitudes and behaviors in addition to transmitting the importance of creating healthy lifestyle habits.

They contacted Ana Lara and Reyes Moreno, 5th year medical students, and the future healthcare professionals accepted the challenge with enthusiasm, fully involved from the very first moment in this CAS project. 

Ana and Reyes provided information on the effects of the consumption and abuse of alcoholic beverages, tobacco, and other drugs; they proposed alternative activities related to healthy lifestyle habits. They tried to develop the ability to resist peer pressure by showing the role it plays in the onset of consumption of these substances, and prepared students for difficult decision making.

Smoking causes arterial and pulmonary diseases, melanosis, and dental deterioration. High alcohol consumption, which has become a social habit starting in adolescence, can cause serious brain, cardiovascular, and liver disorders, as well as serious physical and psychological addiction, and even brain damage. 

Congratulations to our speakers who managed to empathize with the students and get their message to resonate with them!

In this type of CAS activity, students once again took care of organizing all the details of the event, from setting up the audiovisual equipment to implementing all the Covid protocol and safety measures for Teen Talks.

We want to congratulate them, as the topic and methodology were so interesting that it gained the participation of all attendees. 

We do not want to finish without also remembering the first conference that was given by Antonio Chamorro, Social Educator and speaker. Antonio knew how to transmit the keys to good treatment and coexistence in the classroom to our students. It was a very interesting topic based on respect for all and towards all, where he explained good practices among classmates and reminded students that it is essential to implement these practices for solid coexistence.  Once again, Antonio Chamorro empathized with our students and managed to capture their interest.

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