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feria of seville in yago school

Celebrating the Feria of Seville

No-one doubts the importance of getting to know different international cultures, but it is just as important, or even more so, to know, value and enjoy our own traditions. That is why, last Wednesday, May 3rd, we celebrated the internationally known Feria of Seville, at Yago School.

feria of seville in yago school

Colour, costume, laughter and dance took over the school, where we organized the first Yago Flamenco Fashion Show and a Sevillana dancing contest for everyone to demonstrate their art.

Feria2017 YagoSchool2We consider it fundamental that the new generations know their roots and celebrate the typical festivals of each region with pride.

feria of seville in yago school

Celebrating traditional holidays with the children will help to maintain their attachment to our customs, provide them with knowledge about our history, allow them to acquire a personal identity and, above all, have a great deal of fun like us.

feria of seville in yago school

We really enjoy the Feria of Seville!


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