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Julia Bermudo, moved by the situation of a person close to her family, thought that it would be great if a campaign to help cancer patients were organized in Yago and of course, the School and The Yago Foundation backed the initiative.

As you know it is very important for the school to educate the students in values of solidarity and to teach them to be people who are committed to the problems that exist in society in which they live.

For this reason, a talk given by members of the AECC (Spanish Association Against Cancer) was organized in the Concert Hall, in which the Primary 6 and Secondary students were informed about this new project and all their doubts could be answered.

The AECC covers the costs of making wigs and donates them to people with limited economic resources, helping them to alleviate a little the suffering caused by the disease and its treatment. Many students and teachers showed their great sensitivity by volunteering to donate their hair.

The collection campaign was done from Tuesday, May 22 until Thursday, May 24.

We show you the wonderful result of Julia’s donation. She felt great knowing how happy she would make someone. She is a role model!

It is exciting to see the interest our students have in the details related to a reality that is so unfortunately present these days.

Bravo for your solidarity!


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