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YagoSchool-profesorado comprometido

Without a doubt the key to the success of Yago School is the human and professional quality of its team of teachers. Aware of the evolution that education is undergoing in Spain our staff takes advantage of any course they find to continue wit their training and thus be able to offer the best of themselves to our students.

This past weekend, a number of our teachers carried out the “Early Stimulation of Intelligence” organized by Cadis Centre and training given by the prestigious Nuria Sánchez Povedano, pedagogical coordinator of the Mare de Déu School in Àngels (Barcelona) and collaborator with Mother Monserrat Del Well in pedagogical formation.
At Yago School we are aware that the first years of life are important to education and it is for this reason that we attach such importance to early stimulation. The development of early stimulation favours the growth of our students, preparing them from the first months of life for their future, both to compensate their needs and to maximize their abilities.
The plasticity of a person’s brain reaches 80% of its growth at 6 years of age. That is why we must take advantage of and work with children from very early ages so that learning is not accidental, depending on the context and situation of each child. Early stimulation encompasses a number of opportunities within the physical, intellectual and social development of each student. Therefore we encourage you to strengthen the physical development of your children from home.


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