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Solidarity and generosity at Yago

Today’s Assembly was dedicated to the values we will be working on at Yago School during the month of December: solidarity and generosity.

Solidarity and generosity Solidarity and generosity Tras

Following the screenings of videos featuring Primary pupils, and the performance of several pupils doing ‘synchronized swimming’ in our Concert Hall, Rocío García Muñiz and Carla Lahera spoke on behalf of The Yago Foundation in order to let the children know that one of their functions is to educate our pupils in solidarity and to let them know about a project that they carry out with a school in the south of India.

Solidarity and generosity

At Yago School we are supportive of those in need.

“I have come to understand that my well-being is only possible when I recognise my unity with all the people of the world, without exception” – Leo Tolstoy



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