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Yago School incorpora DQ World
At Yago School we understand technology as an environment and not simply as a mere tool.

Nowadays, children and young people know how to use the different devices because they are digital natives and have an intuition that allows them to use them with greater ease than adults.

However, the really important thing is not to teach them how to use the devices, but to learn their language and to develop digital competence.

In this sense, the intention of Yago School is to put students in contact with the different uses and technological resources available to them at Yago School as well as to teach them computer language and prevent them from potential dangers and risks at the same time.

For this reason, we are the first school in Spain to be offering the international DQ World project, which will allow us to use interactive games and dynamic teaching in order to educate students about possible inappropriate practices in digital environments (Digital Citizen Identity, Screen Time Management, Cyberbullying Management, Cyber Security Management, Privacy Management …) and continue to educate students about the responsible use of technology.

Soon we will share further information about this pioneering proposal in Spain that is already being celebrated in more than 44 countries around the world.

We attach some images of the P5, P6 & S1 teacher training sessions whereby teachers were taught how to incorporate this program into their subjects this Autumn Term.

DQ World en Yago School

Yago School promotes the responsible use of technology!

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