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Parents’ sport day

On the morning of Saturday, January 21st, the third Parents’ Sports Day was held using the sports facilities at Yago School.

Parents' sport day in Yago

Parents’ Sport Day started at 10:00 with a short presentation, registration of the large number of participants in the different activities, and allocation of equipment and spaces.

The day, full of laughter and teamwork, ran the gamut of sporting activities, from football and basketball through volleyball, ping-pong, skating sessions and zumba, all the way to pilates, and the most daring could even pilot drones.

One of the pillars of Yago School is the promotion of sports practice and it is parents and teachers who stand as healthy role models for their children. Doing sports helps to educate certain values and has obvious physical benefits, but also contributes to mental and social education, hence at Yago School we organize many activities and sports competitions like this.

The events ended with points being handed out to the houses of the participants: Sussex 27, Larch Hill 60 and Stradbrook won 85 house points.

Congratulations to all for participating and being a good example for your children!

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