Early Stimulation

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After some research and several trainings in which we have had the opportunity to know in depth the benefits of the “Glenn Doman Method”, we understand that it is about taking advantage of the maximum potential of each child and providing the brain with the appropriate stimuli, both in intensity and in frequency, to favor his or her development while having fun in the process.

During this school year, we have adapted the schedules of all levels to be able to carry out this method.

The method is divided into five programs: math program, reading program, encyclopedic program, music program, and physical development program.  Each program includes a series of intelligence bits and physical exercises that must be repeated several times a day and has proven very significant results in the development of writing, reading, intelligence,and physical abilities; it also helps the emotional and social sides of the children.

This method is based on pedagogical principles that must be respected if it is to be applied in an effective way; some recommendations must be followed:

– The child must enjoy learning and have fun.

– This method is based on repetition, so it is very important that the program routines are followed.

– The sessions have to be short so that the child does not get tired and, in exchange, wants more.

– Use a space free of distractions.

– When the category to be worked on is announced, the stimuli (Bits) must be presented one at a time and quickly.

– Leave some time between one group of stimuli and the next.

– The next group is presented as with the previous one until all the categories are presented.

– It is necessary to praise the children’s behaviour at the end of the session.

Over several days, these sessions will be repeated, increasing the number of stimuli and groups little by little.

Our students are really enjoying these programs and, although the results are not immediate, we can already appreciate some of their benefits

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