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race against hunger in yago school

The nearly 600 children at Yago School raised funds in the race against hunger organized last Friday May 19th, by The Yago Foundation, at the facilities of our school.

Private, bilingual Yago School counts teaching in values and promoting sports amongst its educational pillars, along with many others. Therefore, the pupils of Yago School participated in the Race Against Hunger, an event that is arranged  every year in schools around the world, by the organization Action Against Hunger, with one goal: to fight against hunger and malnutrition.

Yago School y la carrera contra el Hambre 2017For this they trained in the previous weeks and looked for sponsors who promised to contribute a small donation for each lap of the school that the children completed.

race against hunger in yago school

race against hunger in yago school

The test was not competitive but simply combined sport and effort to raise money to alleviate hunger in disadvantaged countries. Nearly everybody joined in such a commendable event, and we must point out the participation of Miss Settlemoir, an American teacher, who, sponsored by the school staff, completed 20 laps on campus.

Yago School y la carrera contra el Hambre 2017We also have the presence and support of the initiative of leading figures in music and sports such as Rafa Almarcha, a member of Siempre Así and Mike Smith, former international basketball player who gave wise advice to the participants.

CarreracontraelHambre_YagoSchool 7We are immensely satisfied with the money raised, but even more by the human quality of pupils and teachers, who bend over backwards to help each activity proposed by our great Foundation.

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