Encouraging entrepreneurship from Secondary School onwards

by | Jan 27, 2022 | Yago School

Yago School Growlab concurso de emprendimiento

We encourage our students to participate in external projects by introducing them to the real world of business by stimulating their talent, instilling a spirit of innovation and entrepreneurship and fostering personal responsibility and commitment.

Last Tuesday our students took part in the first training meeting with renowned entrepreneurs and trainers organised by CESUR, the Association of Entrepreneurs of Southern Spain, to which Yago School belongs. This programme called “I’m Growlaber”, in its 5th edition, is a programme aimed at students in the 3rd and 4th years of secondary school, Baccalaureate and Vocational Training.

In the first session the students were able to enjoy the interesting talk “How to internationalise a company” given by Ignacio Salcedo CEO of Greening Ingeniería.

A total of four sessions are planned. Three of them will be interesting talks given by videoconference by entrepreneurs and people specialised in business and technology and the last one, which will close the programme, will be face-to-face.

Yago School Growlab concurso de emprendimiento

In parallel to these sessions and as part of the Digital Business subject in the third year of secondary school, our students have begun to work on a “Business Plan”, developing their magnificent and innovative business ideas as proposed by the competition. It is a very enriching project that supports and adds value to the school’s teaching and learning process by bringing them closer to the reality of business and with the motivation that comes with winning a prize at inter-school level.

On the closing day, the selected projects will be presented and the winners will be voted on. A jury made up of entrepreneurs, business schools and experts in technology, science and business will review the report of the work presented and will choose one of the projects from among all the schools presented.

What is I’m Growlaber?

A collaborative programme that connects prestigious companies with students in order to stimulate talent, instil a spirit of innovation and entrepreneurship and encourage personal responsibility and commitment. This year is its fifth edition after having involved more than 400 students and around thirty schools in all of its previous editions.

How do our students participate in this programme?

I’m Growlaber is a programme that lasts 4 months, from January to April. Our Secondary 3 pupils are developing a project based on an entrepreneurial future in 2 areas:  Economy & Business and Science & Technology.In our case we have focused on the area of Economics and Business as part of the Digital Business subject taught in Secondary 3.

All participants become part of the Growlaber community.

What a great opportunity and enriching experience for our students!

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