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At Yago School we take advantage of the months of swimming season (from September to October and May to June) to use our outdoor pool as part of the activities of Physical Education.

Swimming season in Yago school

Mr. Crown, swimming monitor for the Andalusian Swimming Federation, has been implementing various cooperative and individual games with children in Primary and Secondary.

Swimming season in Yago schoolSwimming season in Yago schoolSwimming season in Yago school

Swimming is a sport that has great advantages for people of all ages because of the low impact on the joints of our body. Moreover, the practice of swimming provides, among others, the following benefits:

  • The multilateral development of the child, appropriate and healthy physical and psychological development.
  • Contributes to the correct evolution of basic physical abilities (endurance, strength, speed and flexibility)
  • Increases autonomy and self-esteem of children, due to the many recreational opportunities offered by the aquatic environment, and promotes socialization.
  • It contributes to correct vertebral alignment and therefore postural rehabilitation. · It instills safety and personal hygiene related habits.
  • The pool allows us to continue instilling sporting values that are transferable to everyday life, such as effort, self-sacrifice, discipline, comradeship and respect.

When the weather permits we will resume this fabulous activity!