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the Infant Department at Yago School places a great emphasis on the kids mastering these skills through our program Brain Gym. Despite of it is no mystery today that the acquisition of gross motor skills during the formative years of a child is closely linked to his or her cognitive development.

Brain gym at Yago School

In “Brain Gym” we stimulate the child´s abilities with the objective of him or her gaining more control over his or her movements in terms of balance and coordination. It is very important that the kids participate in coordinated physical activity using arms, hands, fingers and feet on a regular basis, because the more they do so, the greater the intellectual development.

Brain gym at Yago SchoolBrain gym at Yago SchoolBrain gym at Yago School

In order to accomplish this objective the kids frequently participate in a neuromotor circuit which involves a series of basic movements such as, crawling, commando –crawling, climbing, rolling, jumping, brachiation, maintaining balance in static and dynamic positions etc.

During this first term the Infant 3 pupils have been undergoing their “Brain Gym” initiation and even though it requires a great effort on their part, they almost always seem up for the challenge.

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