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There is much talk in education about the obsolescence of the evaluation models of the Spanish system. At Yago, we are fortunate to have taken major steps forward by incorporating an assessment of the future, the one used by the International Baccalaureate Diploma Program. 

These last weeks of May, our first graduating Baccalaureate (DP2) class has successfully completed the external exams of the IB Diploma Program that they have been studying for since last year.

These final external exams are held at school, but are corrected abroad by qualified teachers. The International Baccalaureate organization guarantees the rigor, academic honesty and exquisite organization of these exams in each IB World school and makes frequent inspections that corroborate the demanding security measures imposed by the organization.

Each student takes two or three tests in each of the six subjects he or she has chosen, thus guaranteeing the reliability and objectivity of the results obtained.

In addition to this external evaluation, the IB Diploma Program also has an internal evaluation for each subject.

External Evaluation and Internal Evaluation

The internal evaluation, which represents a percentage of the student’s final grade and is carried out directly by the teacher of the subject at school, includes:

Oral work and analytical readings in different languages

Field essays in Geography

Laboratory practices in Science

Investigations in Mathematics

The external evaluation consists of different exams that Yago students carried out in the Library, an ideal environment for our students to be calm and concentrated. The exams measure the understanding, knowledge and skills developed by the students throughout the last two years in each subject with the following types of work:

Essays in Languages

Structured problems in different subjects

Short answer questions in different subjects

Data response questions in Mathematics

Text response questions in Languages

Case study questions in Business Management

Multiple choice questions in Physics and Chemistry.

These exams are corrected by external examiners from all over the world who guarantee rigorous standardization supervised by IB honorary examiners. Once the results of this program are published, students will have access to them through personal passwords on the IB website and will be able to apply to any university in the world, including Spain and, of course Andalusia, in a timely manner. 

We wish our students the best of luck and trust in the great personal and academic preparation that their teachers have given them and in the resilience, flexibility and effort in learning that they have shown, taking into account the circumstances that we have been through during this global pandemic.

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