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Yago School has kicked off its House Cup Competitions with a playful, sporting day of House Games comprised of dance, relay race and sack race competitions.

YAGO SCHOOL HOUSE GAMES 17 (67)YAGO SCHOOL HOUSE GAMES 17 (68)YAGO SCHOOL HOUSE GAMES 17 (70)This first Friday in October, coincided with another special and unique celebration, World Smile Day. So today, our school was invaded with smiles, cheering, words of encouragement, brightness, illusion, companionship, colour and joy.

In addition, it is a day in which values such as friendship, respect and healthy competitiveness are especially worked upon. There are characteristics of competitiveness that are very positive and beneficial. For example, admiration for others helps us to try more ourselves, to work for new challenges, in a word: to improve.

We also work on resilience, which is the ability to overcome adverse situations, such as losing. You have to know how to lose and enjoy the activity. That’s why at Yago School we always put the emphasis on the process, not on the outcome.

In short, it was a day full of games, sport, values and emotion that we concluded by offering a tasty picnic in the School forest.

We congratulate all the students, teachers and the Housemasters, for their participation in the House Games 2017. We would also like to congratulate the winner of the activity that in this time was… Stradbrook!

On Monday everyone will continue working to improve, earn points and become the best House to win at the end of the school year.

Long live Larch Hill, Sussex and Stradbrook!!


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