Exciting Music Week at Yago School

by | Nov 22, 2021 | Yago School

Excitement: yes, that’s Yago. There are many ways of feeling and expressing it, but at Yago School it is clear that one of our most powerful tools for experiencing our emotions is music. 

There are many moments in which music surrounds us at school: upon student arrival and departure from school, in the music and change of classes for babies and toddlers at the Nursery and in Infant, in the piano, theory and singing classes that all students have from Primary 1 to Secondary 2, in the weekly assemblies, during the celebration of special events, in the breaks rehearsing with the choir, in musical competitions, and in the recording studio.

Semana música yago school

Every year, the Music Department with Mr. Montiel at the head gives us a week full of musical events and activities that revolve around music and that make the whole Yago School community buzz with excitement; this coincides with International Flamenco Day, and St. Cecilia’s Day.

All Primary students took part in the musical activities organized and performed a piece of music in front of their parents. 

Students chose beautiful songs which they sang live accompanied by their teachers on the piano. This year the Yago Band also took part, delighting everyone present; they are a great example to all of our students. 

As the cherry on top of the wonderful week of music, Infant students enjoyed an assembly where they sang, danced and played instruments accompanied by the piano played by Mr. Montiel. 

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