Exploring Spring in the garden

by | May 18, 2022 | Nursery, Yago School Nursery

A great day to discover spring, its plants and bugs! Yago School offers a whole world of nature; large fields, gardens, vegetable patches, woods…, an idyllic, healthy environment in which to play freely, climb, recognise and observe animals and bugs, an essential space to encourage the best possible cognitive and emotional development.

Yago School Nursery has this setting, the best learning environment in the world, which allows us to show our little ones how animal and plant life works, to put into practice other lessons such as vocabulary, languages or an introduction to maths, and to work skills through the fascinating Outlearning activities included in the educational program.

Since the 19th century to nowadays, from intuitions and empirical data to research studies by expert educators, psychologists and scientists, it is concluded that nature is a learning space that improves health, attention span, motor and cognitive development, autonomy, safety, … Summarising, these are learning spaces that have an influence on psychological and intellectual well-being.

Specialists highlight the importance of an environment with nature in schools, and the bigger the better, not only because it increases the capacity for observation, creativity, concentration and self-discipline, thinking skills, physical coordination, relaxation and social skills, among many other issues, but especially because they believe that not having nature around is negative; it is called “nature deficit disorder”, and shows up as stress, fatigue, depression, obesity, hyperactivity…

Contact with nature is stimulating, a vital experience where children feel and self-evaluate their emotions, which encourages environmental awareness, integration and reduces fears. These intellectual and emotional experiences, together with significant learning methods we use at Yago School Nursery, help to build constructive knowledge where what is learned is retained through connections.

Wiser children and more well-balanced children;

Our large natural setting, while giving our students a complete sensory experience, certainly offers them the opportunity to be more active than in the classroom, improving their motor skills, as well as stimulating neuronal connections, which means more brain plasticity, promoting intellectual development and cognitive learning, a statement that has been proven by neuroscience.

It is also our favourite place to work naturally on a multitude of skills and values, such as frustration tolerance, empathy, respect, serenity, calm, observation… Our school is health!

“No description, no illustration in any book can replace the contemplation of real trees and all the life that surrounds them in a real forest.” Maria Montessori.

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