Extracurricular Activities 2021-2022

by | Jun 6, 2022 | Extracurricular Yago School, Extraescolares, Yago School

This academic year Yago School has been committed to continue developing an excellent educational curriculum, paying special attention to the extracurricular activities that contribute to the complete development of our students. The quantity and diversity of options that we offer at Yago School, always thinking in our students and their wider development, making it possible for them to practice other disciplines that students can choose from 17:15 in the afternoon.

By analysing the preferences of our students, their ages and needs, we are confident that our extracurricular educational offer is made up of fun activities that help them to complement their education, learning and leisure even more.

Extras that reinforce our values: teamwork (cooperation, companionship, respect, tolerance…), social skills, organisation, physical and emotional development…


In the sports options, specifically, we find the right motivation for our students while transmitting healthy ideas: football, rugby, skating, volleyball, dance, judo…

Such activities are strongly recommended because we know how many benefits they have, both intellectually and emotionally, stimulating new skills, exercising and improving their abilities, teaching them different ways of relating and expressing themselves, subtracting fears and insecurities and enhancing their self-confidence. 

This year we have added new extracurricular activities such as Rugby, Bulerias and Photography. With Rugby, for example, we work on team spirit and encourage discipline as well as increasing strength, agility and self-esteem; the rhythms of Bulerias cheer up their lives, improve their blood circulation and give them a unique dynamism; photography helps them to get to know themselves better, develop their creativity, have fun and keep their minds awake while developing their memory. Extracurricular activities such as Rowing and Street Dance are gaining ground and, like all our extracurricular activities, maintain the quality that ensures the optimum development of the activity thanks to the professionals who teach the classes and the appropriate tools and spaces that we make available to them

We aim to increase our students’ problem-solving skills and performance through variety, giving them a broader perspective. 

We want a better future for them, and a lot of fun!

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