Extraordinary new psychomotricity room at Yago School Nursery

by | Jan 12, 2022 | Nursery

Nuevas instalaciones psicomotricidad Yago NurseryIn January we have improved even more the unique facilities at Yago School Nursery with the opening of a new psychomotor classroom. It has state of the art equipment with all the necessary materials for a good development of the motor system of our babies between 4 months and 2 years old and it is located in the gardens of the nursery school which has a spectacular setting

We started the year with great enthusiasm and it could not be less, as we are fortunate to be able to inaugurate the new psychomotor skills classroom at Yago School Nursery. A classroom in which our youngest pupils, aged between 4 months and 2 years, will enjoy and develop all the necessary motor skills according to their age. It is also equipped with all the necessary materials for a good development of the motor system.

Psicomotricidad Yago school Nursery

We have designed the new classroom giving priority once again to nature and outdoor classes, so it is perfectly integrated into our natural gardens. As it is completely glazed, it enjoys privileged views of the garden and natural light and air throughout the school day, so there is permanent ventilation and we are also fulfilling part of our objectives of sustainable development and care for the environment.  

Nuevas instalciones psicomotricidad Yago School Nuersery

Being so spacious, our classroom is equipped with specialised materials to work on the motor development of 1 and 2 year olds. Amongst others, we are lucky enough to have a brachiation ladder, that is, a wooden ladder on which the child must use the strength of their hands and arms to balance. We also have blocks to work on balance, cones, bars, hoops to learn to jump and balls to stimulate hand-eye coordination. In short, in this classroom the pupils work on gross psychomotor skills, which contribute in a decisive way to the development of all mental functions: intelligence, language, conscience, emotions… 

The specialist psychomotor teachers plan different loops with a variety of routes. Each part of the circuit is a motor challenge and the children must follow a specific order to complete the series of exercises with different challenges.   

Psicomotricidad Yago School Nursery

The aim of these activities is to promote the physical development and the children’s capacity for coordination, balance, orientation and safety.

With these activities we get our students to perform psychomotor exercises in a pleasant environment, in which our youngest children experiment, discover themselves, feel good, work on their autonomy and discover the world around them.

Nuevas instalciones psicomotricidad Yago School Nursery

According to Jean Piaget and his Theory of Learning, “motor skills are linked to the intelligence of the child from 0 to 2 years of age” and he calls it “sensorimotor”, a discipline based on the movements and sensory stimuli that the child receives. These exercises contribute to learning and lay the foundations for reading, writing and even arithmetic. According to Piaget, “movement is the basis of intelligence” and in the new psychomotor classroom at Yago School Nursery babies will be able to boost their motor development and therefore their intelligence. 

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