First place as the best international school in Seville

by | Jan 20, 2022 | Yago School

best private international school in seville

We are proud to share with all of you that the prestigious website and school search engine has highlighted Yago School as the first and the best international privately owned school in Seville and the third among all schools, including state and charter schools in the province.

With this we add yet another recognition to the last one from the prestigious Forbes magazine which highlighted us as one of the 50 best privately owned  schools in Spain. 

It has been the families themselves who have determined which are the best schools in Seville based on the interest they have shown in the different schools. is the reference platform for connecting families and schools based on their affinity. Here you can find the best schools by location,  bilingualism in which Yago School stands out above the rest of the competitors, its international character, price, languages, timetables, extracurricular activities and more. They also have more than 30,000 schools in Spain.

This is a new recognition of the work of our great team of professionals who strive every day to offer the best education to our students. 

Congratulations team ‼️‼️

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