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Future architects of Yagoo School.

During this term Primary 6 pupils at Yago School worked on a new assignment: “New Floor Model Project” in Design and Technology. This is a proposal to create a third floor for the Primary school building. They are our future architects.

Project by future architects

For this they worked on the concept of scale: they took the actual measurements of the building and reduced it to a scale of 1: 100. Subsequently they used the Roomle app to create plans in 3D and made their proposals for the new floor. In these they included a reading room with beanbags, a chocolate shop (instead of cafeteria), a mini gym, new classes, bathrooms, and many other imaginative things, some quite curious.


Project by future architects

Mr. Resa, with the help of Ms. Badger, his D & T teacher, selected three of the best models and gave a diploma to each member of each team in recognition of their great work.

Congratulations to all!

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