Grandparent´s day in our Nursery

by | Apr 18, 2017 | Events

Nowadays, there are many families in which the figure of the grandparents is present in the daily life of the family, collaborate in the education of the little ones and in the needs and adversities that are appearing along the way, and we know it by the great number of times that they come to the nursery; So we like to dedicate part of a day to thanking them for their unconditional support and the importance they have in the lives of their grandchildren.


Before going on vacation, we received in our Nursery  the grandparents of our students and as always we spent a beautiful morning in which the children showed their grandparents every corner of our nursery, their things, their work, their sites, their songs and daily routine and introduced their friends. The grandparents, on the other hand, enjoyed them, they were proud of their performances and they felt happy and sure to see the happiness of their grandchildren, their level of autonomy and development, the means they have at their disposal and the wonderful place to which they they come every day. “Who was a child nowadays!” Said many of them …


As always the grandparents were excited about the activities proposed to do with their grandchildren, some told fairy tales, others played the game of musical chairs, participated in an Easter egg hunt and then we enjoyed a cake contest. The one which won this year was typical easter torrijas which was traditional for this time of year. Each and every one of the biscuits, cake  and torrijas had a great success, every year the judges find it more difficult to choose a winner!


Thank you to all the  grandparents from here for their visit, participation and enthusiasm, we love having you!