Great improvements in our facilities and new staff joins our team at Yago School.

by | Sep 9, 2021 | Yago School

As every year, we continue to improve our facilities and surprise our students, this time with an enchanted forest and a themed dining room set in luxury restaurants. As we continue to grow at Yago School, new faces have appeared among our great team of teachers with an international profile.

Yago School has been working throughout the summer to continue improving our facilities, getting the school ready for the arrival of our students

The infant area has been transformed into an enchanted forest, and the little ones will be immersed in a beautiful forest from the first day of the school year, entering through a fairytale door and going to their classes through corridors full of big beautiful wooden trees, birdhouses, and vegetation. This is all to create a cozy atmosphere in which our students will feel comfortable and happy. 

The rest of the students will have a unique experience as they will be able to enjoy a wonderful themed dining room every day; they will be transported to the best luxury restaurants in the world thanks to the fantastic decoration that covers all the walls with large realistic vinyls. We have also decorated the columns with food and dining hall rules to work on with our students; table manners are a fundamental part of our children’s education.

On the other hand, we continue to grow and consolidate our great team of professionals at Yago School. For this reason, we have had some great additions to enrich the school this year. Everyone has a great international profile, and are all great teaching professionals with solid backgrounds in teaching. 

Here we present our new incorporations:


Mr. Doherty is American and has joined the secondary team as a Geography & History and English teacher.

Mr. Paul,  is British and he joins the Primary team as Primary 3 tutor, with his main subject being English. 

Ms. Tullis returns as an Infant teacher, and she will be a tutor in Infant 5.

Mr. Macdonald is of dual English and Irish nationality and joins the primary team as a Primary 6 tutor.

Mr. Hopper has double nationality, British and Spanish.He is a P.E. & English teacher in Primary.

Ms. Larry joins the secondary and baccalaureate team as a mathematics teacher in English.

Ms. Sánchez comes to teach Mathematics in Secondary and Baccalaureate.

Ms. Gosálvez comes to join the Guidance Department.

Mr. García will be our new TIC.

Yago School continues to work to be at the forefront in facilities and to have the best team of professionals.

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