Great result in the University access exam 2021

by | Jul 1, 2021 | Achivements, Yago School

It is important to us to share the joy of students’ good results with you, which demonstrates the preparation they have received from their teachers and the great interest, effort, and maturity with which the students have faced this last educational stage. 

We want to congratulate all of them, as we were committed to presenting 100% of the students in the June exams, motivating them, accompanying them, and adjusting to their interests and abilities, as is our vocation. They all deserve a chance and these results will allow them to access their planned course of study, either in Spain or around the world.

The results obtained in the PEvAU 2021 (Selectividad) tests are proof of the effort made, especially by students who have taken our Integrated Baccalaureate, i.e. the IB Diploma in addition to the Spanish Baccalaureate. The average access of these students who will study in Spain is 11.406 of 14. 

Special mention should be made of the 33.36% of students who scored a 12 or higher of 14and the 11.12% who scored more than 13 of 14. 

The Science group stands out with an average entrance score of 11.10 of and several A grades. We must also highlight the score of a Social Sciences student who, in addition to our Integrated Baccalaureate, completed the American Baccalaureate Online and whose access grade exceeds 12 points of 14

The Management Team and faculty are proud of the great work done by the group throughout these last two very different and special school years. It was worth it.

Enjoy the summer and your great results!

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