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Yago teachers in the conference

On Saturday, a group of our teachers attended a conference on talent and emotion and how to work with our pupils.

It was organized by “Remo” with the aim of turning emotions, excitement and talent into tools for teachers, families and pupils, so that it becomes a transversal axis during the teaching-learning process. We want to stir education uYago teachers in the conference p.

At the end, they left feeling even more positive and enthusiastic, and motivated to believe and to continue in search of a new education that takes into account the emotions and the talents of each one of our pupils, and through which we will be able to train great people and improve the future of society.

Yago teachers in the conference

The speakers were great professionals with big reputations in education, childhood expertise, emotional intelligence and the welfare of the entire educational community.


  • César Bona. Finalist in the Global Teacher Prize and defender of an education based on empathy, sensitivity and respect.
  • Dr. Javier Urra. Psychologist in the Public Prosecutor’s Office of the Superior Court of Justice and the Juvenile Court of Madrid. Patron of the Small Desire Foundation. President of the Governing Board of the RECURRA-GINSO program for parents and children in conflict.
  • Dr. Pablo Fernández Berrocal. Professor of Psychology at the University of Málaga and vice-president of the International Society for Emotional Intelligence. Founder and director of the Laboratory of Emotions of the University of Malaga.
  • Verónica Cruz and Pedro Delgado. Directors of the University Specialist “Emotional Intelligence and Non-verbal Communication in the Classroom” of the UCJC. TED speakers and collaborators with the Telefónica Foundation as Experts in Education. They use a creative methodology with a great sense of humour to develop emotional and social intelligence in the field of education.

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